"For not traveling without direction"

Specialized in no specialization we cover both the online and the offline world, and an intermediate world that no one knows or has ever seen: the offonline.

We have a ping-pong table, sofa for the looooong nights, carpet for recreation, and our internal origami tournament.

In addition, we have ideas and even some of them are good. Come anytime and we will invite you to a coffee or an idea.


A good idea plus a good execution. We believe both ingredients have to meet expectations, as in the gin and tonic.

Comunication ON/OFF

Channels we like are those of Venice. For communicating we do not need much.

Corporate Identity

We like harmony. Beauty is always in the inside, except for the logos. The world would be better if it had a good logo.

Interactive materials

Touching, at the end what everyone likes is touching. We can confirm it.

"No all roads lead to Rome"

With over 10 years experience in the world of advertising and development, and many more of experience as web users, we love to share our feelings with our clients.

Although we have concluded that there are no hidden keys or magic recipes, we rely on the results of common sense and good work.


Communicate efficiently born as of a good organization. Benedetti said: "My strategy is that one day, I do not know how or with what excuse, you will finally need me".


We adapt the means to the needs and we do not take anything for granted. We do not like wars, we prefer empathy as weapon of mass construction.


We believe in market analysis and competition as a way of learning. We like many things that others do, and we do always want to know more about them.

Action plan

Google has a plan to control the world and we have the whole world to draw a plan. And we love when the plans come together.

"Where the subway cannot reach,
we go by zeppelin"

Specialists in ad-hoc solutions. Because technology changes at the rhythm of the needs. We know most of standard platforms and do not deny their advantages, but much of the time clients need a customization that completely suits their needs.

The day a client asked us to develop a flash advertgame on a giant screen, that responded to 4 ipads commands simultaneously we realized that no one was going to help us with that, so we did it from scratch. And it worked.

online promotion

Our toolbox includes: adwords campaigns, display, landings, email marketing, and anything we can invent.


Implementation of elearning platforms with and integrated management of courses and support.

Mobile and responsive

Currently, one third of internet browsing is done from mobile. Losing a third of potential users of a web because it is not adapted to the different devices is ridiculous.


We have a close relationship to the world of healthcare and we know that this channel is becoming a must. We offer full service or support with any given need.

"At the other side of the Desert"

Internal, external, training, launch ... in the beach, in the mountains ... We love parties. We create interactive contents for attendees or speakers, voting systems, or games to drive traffic to a stand. We can even provide a system of registration and attendance with customizable back office for tracking.

And never forget the post-event, providing materials to disseminate the findings of a paper, or developing a survey to determine the satisfaction of our assistants.


Games are always fun: playing and telling stories, playing and empathizing an idea. Play to reach people, because playing people stay.

Registration Systems

After testing, enjoying, and above all suffering different registration systems we decided to implement our own with all we know and with all our client's needs.

Interactive Totems

For a fair event, for example. This will make the difference between visiting or staying.


All we know about organization is what we learnt organizing ourselves first, and doing it for others afterwards. We are in the right path, as our clients.


Piropixel is an online and offline
hyperactive agency.

We eat pixels, breathe pixels,
if we owned a cat it will be called Pixel.
While childhood we were bitten by a pixel
and we developed some superpowers.

Everything is possible.
Recently we saw flying whales.



Av. de Manoteras, 30 - portal B, local 202
28050 - Madrid

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91 287 73 78